BT agree to separate Openreach from their core business but what does that really mean for consumers?

After much negotiation with the communications regulator, OFCOM, BT have agreed to legally separate their infrastructure division, Openreach, from the rest of BT but what does this really mean for consumers? What does Openreach do? Openreach manage the wires, fibres and telephone exchange equipment which connect consumers’ telephones and broadband routers to the rest of […]

What will the OpenReach separation mean for customers?

You may have heard that the telecoms regulator, OFCOM, have called for BT OpenReach to be separated from the rest of the BT group of companies due to concerns about fairness and quality of service. But what does this really mean for customers and will is help keep bills lower? Who are BT OpenReach? BT, […]

Are free broadband deals too good to be true?

A very common question we’re asked at the Bills Club is “Supplier X is offering a year’s broadband for free. What is the catch?”, which is an excellent question. Why would any company give something away for free when the whole point of a company is to make money? So what’s going on? Why is […]

A new look for the Essex Bills Club web site

With the continued growth of the Essex Bills Club, we have had to move to a new web site system as keeping the old site updated had become too cumbersome. The site will be updated over the next few days, while we move the old content over to the new site but, rest assured, we […]